Creating NEBourhoods Together


First Round Table of the Energy Community Neuperlach

Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 5 pm
Quidde35, Quiddestraße 35, Neuperlach

Einladung zum ersten Treffen der Neuperlacher Energiegemeinschaft

Energy Community Neuperlach
Producing solar power together. Fair sharing.

In an energy community, the neighbourhood takes its energy supply into its own hands. Together, energy is produced, stored and consumed on site using solar systems. Find out more and join us in shaping a part of the local energy transition.

How can I participate?
• I am actively involved
• I have space for PV
• I am an investor

For more information, please visit our website at

The meeting will not only be an opportunity to define the first concrete steps of our community, but will also provide the space for a lively exchange and getting to know other interested people.

Special thanks go to the Perlacher Herz, who have already made their roof space available for a photovoltaic project. On this basis we can build the next steps and let the community grow.

Following our meeting, there will be two talks with discussion from 7-8:30 pm:
1. on independence with photovoltaics by Martin Kaltenhauser-Barth (Team Leader Energy, MGS)
2. on energy communities in general by Serena Keller (TUM, Energy Community Neuperlach)

Registration and contact person for questions: Serena Keller, or by phone +49 89 289 23876

The workshop will take place in a barrier-free accessible room. Toilets are available.