Creating NEBourhoods Together


Annual exhibition 2024: Future-proof neighbourhoods – Next door, in the centre, at home

19 January until 6 March 2024
Daily from 1 to 7 pm, free admission
Rathausgalerie, Marienplatz 8 in the city centre of Munich

NEBourhoods Stadt müchen Jahresausstellung

"Creating NEBourhoods Together" is part of this year's annual exhibition organised by the Department of Urban Planning of the City of Munich in the Rathausgalerie.

The theme of the exhibition is neighbourhoods as the key to sustainable urban development – this is where the answers to all the important questions of the future can be found: open space, mobility, housing, economy, social and cultural infrastructure and climate change. In mixed-use neighbourhoods, we can implement things that improve the quality of life locally and set an example for the entire city.

Various aspects of neighbourhood development in Munich will be presented, as well as planning solutions and concrete examples for a sustainable, fair and liveable city.

Further information on the exhibition [here]

19 January to 6 March 2024, daily 1 pm to 7 pm, free admission
Town Hall Gallery, Marienplatz 8

The Rathausgalerie is barrier-free. Barrier-free access is possible via a ramp at the entrance (towards Marienhof/ Landschaftsstraße). The entrance via the Prunkhof (towards Marienplatz) is not barrier-free. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available.

As part of the accompanying evening programme, "Creating NEBourhoods Together" will be present with two events:

Thursday, 1 February, 6 p.m.
The following guests will discuss with Elisabeth Merk, Chief Planner of the City of Munich
- Arne Lorz, Head of the Urban Development Planning Department
- Markus Stenger, architect
- Prof. Dr Werner Lang, TU Munich, Founding Partner "Creating NEBourhoods Together"
- Christina Patz, Architects for Future Germany
- Dr Doris Zoller, Münchner Wohnen
- Moderation: Sybille Giel, Bayerischer Rundfunk

Further information and registration [here]

Thursday, 6 February, 6 pm
Numerous social and cultural initiatives make Neuperlach one of Munich's most exciting neighbourhoods. The EU project Creating NEBourhoods Together is even making Neuperlach a role model for other European cities: beautiful, sustainable and inclusive. On this evening, we want to shed light on how the people of Neuperlach see their neighbourhood, what urban planning developments are still to come and what concepts will bring new impetus to the district.

Further information and registration [here]