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NEBourhoods Pavilion

Drop by the new NEBourhoods Pavilion,
15 December 2023, 3–5 pm
Theodor-Heuss-Platz/Wohnring, Neuperlach

NEBourhoods Pavillon Wohnring Neuperlach

Come along and get to know our new NEBourhoods Pavilion, which we would like to use together with you over the next few month!

The pavilion will provide us with space for exhibitions and workshops so that we can work with you to create a great place to live and work in Neuperlach.

On Friday, 15 December, we will be setting up the pavilion and will all be on site. Come along and get to know the new place in advance!

Registration is not necessary - just drop by!

Contact person NEBourhoods Pavilion:
Christina Wiessner:,
+49 89 541 987 0034

The official opening is on 10 January 2024, 5–8 pm.

The NEBourhoods pavilion is located next to the playground at Theodor-Heuss-Platz in Wohnring, Neuperlach

The pavilion is operated by the UnternehmerTUM innovation centre.

The modular timber construction is a flexible and sustainable building system developed by Timo Weil's start-up WEON. The construction is foldable and therefore easy to transport and adapt to different space requirements.
The pavilion stands on stilts and individual modules can be changed, extended, combined, dismantled and customised inside and out at any time.
More information about the system on the [WEON GmbH website]

NEBourhoods Pavillon WEON
NEBourhoods Pavillon WEON
NEBourhoods Pavillon WEON
NEBourhoods Pavillon WEON