Creating NEBourhoods Together


Making Neuperlach fit for the future together

Lectures and discussion
Tuesday, 5 December 2023 at 6 pm
PlanTreff Munich, Blumenstraße 31 80331 Munich

Kino auf der Quiddebrücke

As part of the PlanTreff programme, we cordially invite you to the PlanTreff München on Tuesday, 5 December at 6 pm for short presentations and a discussion entitled "Making Neuperlach fit for the future together".

The speakers will be:
Dr Sylvia Pintarits, LHM, Project Management "Creating NEBourhoods Together"
Prof Andreas Hild, Design, Conversion and Monument Conservation, TUM, NEB Action "Redesigning Housing Structures"
Prof Andrea Benze, Urban Planning and Theory of the City, HM, NEB cction "PEARL"
Serena Keller, TUM, NEB action "Energy Communities"
Nicola Borgmann, Architekturgalerie, Communication "Creating NEBourhoods Together"

Four NEB campaigns will be presented at the event:

"Public Power - Public space for everyone - even in summer" examines and tests strategies for shading urban heat islands for thermally healthy public spaces.
Speakers: Dr Sylvia Pintarits, LH München and Nicola Borgmann Architekturgalerie München e.V.

"Redesigning Housing Structures" examines how the structural deficits of existing residential buildings can be improved socially, technically and economically.
Speaker: Prof. Andreas Hild, TU Munich

"PEARL - Jugendorte" develops temporary and permanent places for youth culture together with young people from Neuperlach. Speaker: Prof. Dr Andrea Benze, Munich University of Applied Sciences

"Energy Communities" researches and tests energy communities as a standard model for neighbourhood energy supply - producing, consuming, storing, sharing and marketing together.
Speaker: Serena Keller, TU Munich