Creating NEBourhoods Together


Neuperlach today: A new look at the district.
Discussion as part of the exhibition "Future-proof neighbourhoods"

Tuesday, 6 February 2024, 6–8 pm
Rathausgalerie, Marienplatz 8, 80331 München

NEBourhoods Jahresausstellung Rathausgalerie

Numerous social and cultural initiatives make Neuperlach one of the most exciting districts in Munich. The EU project "Creating NEBourhoods Together" is even creating an example in Neuperlach for other European cities: beautiful, sustainable and inclusive.

How the people of Neuperlach themselves see their district, what urban planning developments are still to come and what concepts will bring new impulses to the district – that's what we want to shed light on this evening.

Host and welcome: Prof. Dr (Univ. Florence) Elisabeth Merk, Chief Planner of the City of Munich
Moderation: Sybille Giel, Bayerischer Rundfunk
• Kandala Nzanzala alias “Big K” (association board “Kulturbunt Neuperlach”)
• Christl Willmitzer (ZAK – Active Together in Neuperlach e.V.)
• Ina Laux (Laux Architects)
• Studio Animal-Aided Design (planning office for the promotion of urban biodiversity and urban nature, consortium partner in "Creating NEBourhoods Together" and responsible for the NEB Action "Animal-Aided Design")

Note: Admission is free. The Rathausgalerie is wheelchair accessible, a barrier-free toilet is available.

The number of participants is limited, there are still places available - register [here]

The event is part of the exhibition " Future-proof neighbourhoods: Next door, in the middle, at home" organised by the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations.

Further information on the exhibition and the accompanying programme: