Creating NEBourhoods Together


Energy communities: Generating and using solar power together in the neighbourhood

Wednesday, 5 July 2023
9 am
Online event

Illustration zu Energiegemeinschaften

As part of the lecture series "Climate Neutral and Climate Resilient Neighbourhoods 2023 - Part 3" by the Bauzentrum München, an online event is taking place (mainly in German). The event is being organized by the junior research group Cleanvelope and the City of Munich, and focuses on the topic of on-site renewable energy supply in neighborhoods. Backround are two EU projects: ASCEND (Accelerate Positive Clean Energy Districts) involving the flagship cities of Munich and Lyon, and Creating NEBourhoods Together.

Six presentations and a following panel discussion will discuss the following questions:
• In what organizational forms can energy communities be established?
• Which business models are viable given the current legal situation, and what prospects do upcoming reforms offer?
• What lessons and best practices can be learned and applied from other EU countries?
• How can we ensure equitable participation of all stakeholders?

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