Creating NEBourhoods Together


Creating NEBourhoods Together
Programme for the
Ramersdorf Perlach District Week

29 June – 5 July 2023

Visual mit dem Titel Stadtteilwoche in Neuperlach

"Creating NEBourhoods Together: Designing beautiful, environmentally friendly and future-proof neighbourhoods together" will be presented in Neuperlach from 29 June as part of the Ramersdorf Perlach District Week.

29 June – 5 July
Creating NEBourhoods Together" exhibition

29 June – 5 July
INSIDE OUT NEUPERLACH – art project in public space

29 June
Fruit and vegetables for the balconies!
Workshop on planting and greening balconies

30 June
FeedBack Neuperlach – Audio drama audio walk

1 July
Ciné Vélo Cité - Mobile bicycle cinema and film lab
(Screening on 30.6. cancelled due to weater)

1 July
From laser cutter to table decoration – workshop in the MakerSpace

3 July
Cooking workshop: Growing a tasty Neuperlach

3 July
Neighbourhood Dinner in the "Wohnring"

4 July
Participatory Species Walk "Neuperlach for the animals" &
Future forum animal-friendly city

5 July
Panel on energy communities (online)

5 July
Neuperlach's hottest places cool! – Shading architectures

People who need special support to participate in the activities and events are welcome to contact the project management:
Sylvia Pintarits,, +49 152 56808634